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Plot-A-Month Week 0: Scheduling


Are you ready to PLOOOOOOOT.

Today kicks off the Week 0 of Plot A Month, your pre-NaNoWriMo/noveling/something outlining adventure! As I stated in the previous post, you have to do absolutely nothing to participate; no check-ins, no tags, no proving you’re doing something. You don’t even have to do it now; you can save up posts for later. All we’re doing here is a five week plan to kickstart your outlining process, and, as the first day, we’re going to tackle one of the most neglected, yet required things you need to sit down and write: getting that goddamn schedule in order.

Some of you are going back to school. Some of you work full-time, or have to juggle both. Some of you have kids, those adorable timesucks that they are. You need a plan before the plan, so to speak, if you’re going to get this outline done in a month.

  • Break out the Time Finder. Chris Baty, NaNoWriMo founder, has a really good suggestion for how to carve out your writing time. Get out your planner, calender, and some extra paper, and go through the weeks. This part is important: Split your days by the hours. It’s so helpful to do that rather than laundry list, because you’ll have a real estimate of your time. Required items—work, class, make dinner, driving time—can be written in any color, say red. Should-do things—shower, exercise, socialize so your friends don’t think you’ve become a cave troll—can also be slotted in. Your goals is to find the gaps—that hour spent scrolling tumblr, those show reruns you don’t really need to see, the morning time you spend staring at your computer screen before you have to do anything. The most important thing about the gaps is not that you have to turn them all into writing time—you don’t—but to find the best time to write. Work better in the afternoons? Section off some hours there. Want to work in the morning, but find that time filled? See what you can shift around on your schedule. The Time Finder is the best tool I’ve ever used, but the key is to stick with it. Don’t give up if you slip a day or two. You need to make the habit before you have it down.
  • Kick Procrastination in the Ass. Procrastination is not your friend. Oh, we all know it’s tempting and we all know why it’s tempting—I spent this morning looking up videos to show my class, and am now cursing myself for having to deal with an unexpected social thing this afternoon. But it’s not helping you, especially when you need to accomplish things. Stick to your Time Finder; those dishes can wait. You don’t need to see that episode right now. The more you procrastinate, the more guilty you feel about it, the less you write as a result. Don’t do that to yourself.
  • Kill Distractions.See that Wi-Fi button? Turn it off. Unplug your modem, temporarily relocate your web browser icons to the recycling bin. Get off tumblr; I realize how ironic this is, coming from a tumblr blog, but for real: Get Off Tumblr. At least until you’ve reached your time goal, and yes, I said time goal, not writing goal. You want to get down that writing time before you let yourself try to spill over it or put it off. Try to make your time; don’t worry about your amount.

Today’s the day you get that schedule done! Employ your Time Finder, confirm future events or due dates, shuffle things around. You can do it!

Further Reading (only when you’re done scheduling >:| ):

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Louis Vuitton s/s 2012, photographed by Kevin Tachman

Louis Vuitton s/s 2012, photographed by Kevin Tachman

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you could kill a man in any of these dresses, and pretty sure no jury would convict you. those are killing-men dresses, that’s what i’m saying

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Ashol Pan.

13 year old Ashol Pan is one of the estimated last 250 Mongolian eagle hunters left in the world. And one of the very few women that are granted the privilege to be trained in this ancient, traditional hunting method. Golden eagles are used mainly to hunt foxes during the winter months.

Some images courtesy of Caters News Agency.

True friendship.

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Talk about shiny tresses. 


Talk about shiny tresses

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talk street magic to me

drawing power from the metro lines

illusionists busking illegally, shimmering lights disintegrating as they run

plant mages tending tiny rooftop and windowbox gardens

elementary school kids learning basic sigils on the playground

wixen taking a while to key into the magic in new cities when they move

alchemists dealing on the side to support their experiments

middle schoolers making friendship talismans and amulets for everyone

numerologists who’ll do your math homework for $5 or divine your fortune for $10

kids mass-texting luck and speed spells when their parties get broken up by the cops

Hell yeah, let’s talk about magic.

Like elementary kids learning silly (or inappropriate) charms from each other on the bus, the same way we learned our first swear words. Clapping games across the bus aisle, but with spells instead of rhymes.

Worrying that your friend is getting into dark magic, but not knowing how to talk to them about it. Intervention programs for kids abusing hexes and runes, because magic has given them control over something for once in their life, and they’re starting to make some dangerous choices.

Psychic teachers knowing when you’re cheating. Knowing when you’re having trouble with homework. Or at home. Knowing when you need tutoring or an AP course because you’re just not being challenged or a different teaching method because you can’t process what you’re learning in class no matter how hard you try, and the teacher tells you it’s okay, they know. They know.

Magic graffiti. Graffiti in wild places, and graffiti that vanishes when certain people roll by like the police. Or graffiti that only appears when the police walk by to insult them. Murals. Swirling, living murals on the sides of buildings. Murals that—if you listen closely—can be heard, not just seen.

In the evenings, kids hiding out in someone’s backyard or an alley passing around a joint and casting minor illusions to watch while high.

Chalk artists making works that are so realistic, they come to life off of the sidewalk.

One man bands in the park, with instruments floating around playing themselves.

Punk concerts in empty lots with amped out music and lights, but noise-cancelling spells and illusion hide them in plain sight from anyone outside of the lot.

Mediums predicting people in need, and making sure to be there at just the right moment to lend them a helping hand. “You seem upset, do you need to talk?” “Oh, you’re a dollar short? No, don’t put the milk back; I’ll cover you.” “You really ought to try taking your resume to this store. Trust me.”

Necromancers in forensics speaking with the dead to solve homicides and cold cases. Living lie detectors as beat cops and detectives and DEA agents.

Strangely cheap five star food diners that bake actual love into their apple pie, and they always know your dietary restrictions without being told.

Service golems in various sizes and shapes, making sure their magic users aren’t crowded, get medical attention, go where they need to, etc. They don’t get distracted, they can be hollow to hold things like medications, and in rare instances, they seem to develop loving attachment to their users despite not being alive.

Little old landladies who dabble in witchcraft brewing homeopathic remedies for people in their apartment complex.

Street magic is an amazing concept.

Heck yes.

Cars with paintjobs covered in sigils, protecting them and others from harm.

Churches that are literal sanctuary, backed up with wards to prevent violence being done within their walls.

Practitioners of Sympathetic Magic using company logos to invoke the associated concepts - a nike tattoo makes you faster, something stamped with “Nokia” is more durable.

The old leylines don’t work, but the highways, train lines, water mains and high-tension cables do the trick.

Magic Conventions.

just. Magic Conventions.

All of this please.

Oh man. Cops facing the Rule of Returns Parrot familiars that learn new languages faster them their witches. Grocery stores that alter prices based on what can be afforded. Carnies that are so used to traveling that being on one line makes them itch.

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Tips to Help you Focus


1. Get rid of as many distractions as you can. Switch off your phone; close tumblr and facebook; work away from other people – and don’t tell them where you are!

2. Make sure you’ve attended to your physical needs or else they’ll distract you - as you’ll feel uncomfortable. For example, wear relaxing clothes; set the room temperature so that it’s not too hot or cold; and have a snack and some water close at hand.

3. Plan to work at a time when you’re usually most productive. For example, if you’re a morning person, set your alarm and get up early – and make that a pattern, no matter how you feel.

4. Take control of, and silence, that restless inner voice that tries to distract you, and stops you focusing. Also. sometimes it is helpful to set aside some time to listen to those voices – then return and do some work.

5. Allow yourself a break after each half hour of work as it’s difficult to concentrate for longer than that.

6. Get outside for a while and try to do some exercise as that wakens you up and helps you focus on your work.

Simply Original Characters 


Hi everyone! This is Cori from simplyoriginalcharacters. We’re a character review blog dedicated to providing helpful, constructive criticism for all of our submissions. We also answer questions and give advice about characterization and character development. We’ve got new mods on staff, and with NaNoWriMo just around the corner we’re looking forward to seeing more questions and more characters from all sorts of writers. Please check us out if you have the time!

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Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey